Project: Evo, A Real Brain Game

A developer known as Akili Interactive Labs  has come up with a novel way to help treat individuals with cognitive based disorders. They want to bring tools to the world of gaming that may be able to help provide a type of therapy to those that may be on the autism spectrum or even suffer from ADHD.

Project: EVO is Akili’s venture into using games as a form of therapy.

They’re calling it a cognitive platform for it’s ability to help individuals change the way they think in order to deal with increasingly large inundations of information. It’s an extension of something designed by a Dr. Adam Gazzaley from the University of California San Francisco, and should help with all kinds of cognitive skills. The COO of Akili, Eddie Martucci had the following to say about their technology and Project: Evo.

“Our products combine the high engagement and high-resolution data of the tech industry with the strong scientific underpinning of the medical industry. We are excited to advance our products further into the clinic and into the market.”

The current focus of Project: EVO is partnering with an organization known as Delivering Scientific Innovation for Autism (DELSIA), in order to fund studies that can provide an actual scientific basis for their games effectiveness so they can be accepted more broadly and to gain more credibility.

Akili currently has partnerships with several pharmaceutical companies as well as the NIH to help further develop their game, Project: Evo. There is also a study that is being conducted by the University of California San Francisco that’s currently recruiting that will use Project: Evo in it. You can head over there to take a look and even sign up if you’re eligible.

Video games are already associated with helping to increase focus and to help with the development of cognitive skills, though of course more research is always welcome and will help to further confirm or even refute that point. But it does seem as if games such as Project: Evo and even less focused games, can actually help if they are applied correctly and used with a purpose. Mindlessly playing video games does absolutely nothing, of course.

The game is available for iOS and Android. It seems that they are taking advantage of the growing mobile environment and the hold it has on kids. Thoughts?

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