Project CARS: Head of Studios Reveals Tons of Information About the Game’s Upcoming Patch


It's no news now that there is a definite need for a patch for Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco's latest racing game Project CARS. We have been on the story for many days and there has been word from the developers that the new patch is coming but in the previously released news no clear timeframe was revealed by the developers and no information regarding the bugs targeted either. In our previous coverage of Project CARS, we were told that it was recommended to "hang in there."

“But I recommend you hang in there. The devs are working flat-out on the issues.”

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Project CARS Developer Reveals That The Patch Will Take a Little Longer

Previously, we revealed that the bug situation was quite serious and that some gamers were already asking for refunds. And due to the shortage of stocks in some stores, the developers were considering actually allowing the players to refund their game. In their statement, they said that they were taking up the matter with Bandai to encourage stores to offer possible refunds to cover part of the games' demand. The full version of the statement is as follows:

“We're actually out or running out of stock in most stores now. We've had a word with Bandai to encourage stores to offer refunds if possible (not sure they can swing it, but there is no harm in pushing) as there’s nothing worse than eager punters being unable to purchase the game in boxed form.”

Latest news on the upcoming patch is that it has been delayed some more days due additional testing by Namco after which the patch will be released to Microsoft. The Head of Studio at Slightly Mad Studios came to the gamers rescue on the forums saying:

"It will be a little longer guys. Namco are going to test for 2-3 days before passing to Microsoft who will then also test."

He also talked about the Patch notes that the update was to bring:

Fixed Issues:
- Issue where cars would garage into closed garages in Zolder
- Console TT is now set to 11am to match PC
- Re-enabled saving of Community ghosts
- Added ABS brake rumble to XB1 triggers
- Changed XB1 pad rumble to only update during the per frame tick and not at 600hz
- Use absolute acceleration values for blending and updating steering movement to prevent negative direction
- XB1 trigger rumble scaled along with FFB rumble. XB1 analogue stick range corrected to use full extent
- The driver can no longer be switched in MP races and time trials
- Fix for NULL pointer protection when accessing Proximity Detector GUI

Project CARS Developer "We're Pushing Constantly on Frame-Rate"

The Head of Studios also revealed that there will be improvements in the games' frame-rate as the upcoming patch releases:

"We're pushing constantly on frame-rate and are finding a little more every few days. This will ship in a future patch."

That's about all we have for now at our end. Do share your views with us in the comments section.

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