Project CARS Runs at 60fps on PS4, But Not on Xbox One – Each Car in Console Versions Has 60,000 Polygons

Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming highly anticipated and one of the most visually impressive motorsport simulator video games known as Project CARS (CARS is short for Community Assisted Racing Simulator) is getting some exceptional attention at its Gamescom 2014 booths. The game is either playable on Sony's PlayStation 4 console, or on Alienware's stand in 4K resolution. Packing a fairly fine number of polygons, Project CARS runs at 60 frames per second on the latest PlayStation 4 console, but it has not yet reached this goal on the Xbox One.

Project Cars

PlayStation 4 Handles Project CARS at 60fps, But Xbox One Currently Doesn't - Cars Have 60K Polygon Count on Consoles, 300K on PC

Claimed to be the “most technically advanced racing game on the planet,” Project CARS is one of those games that millions of gamers are looking forward to. The developer, Slightly Mad Studios, is in full swing to make the game's gameplay experience more authentic across all the platforms that will be hosting it once it launches later this year in November, and looking at the game's Gamescom 2014 display, it looks like the developer's hard work is really paying off.

Project CARS is being currently being shown off on Sony's PlayStation 4 console at the ongoing Gamescom gaming convention, and DualShockers is enjoying a hands-on presentation. Talking to the site, VehicleArt Manager Jan Frischkorn threw some light on the optimization of the game across difference platforms and mentioned that the PlayStation 4 version is already running quite solidly at 60 frames per second, but the Xbox One version of the game has still not reached the goal.

This explains why Project CARS is only being shown on Sony's PlayStation 4 console, and not on Microsoft's latest Xbox One console. Jan also agreed that the PlayStation 4 console is more easy to work with and developer friendly, confirming that it has more hardware offerings over its rival. He also mentioned that the development team was quite startled seeing that the game ran comparatively stable on Sony's latest console right from the start.

According to the details, it has also been confirmed that each drivable car in the console versions of the game has about 60,000 polygons. On the other hand, cars in the PC version of the game running on Ultra high settings feature polygons between 200,000 to 300,000, and the number comes down to 60,000 when the game is running on high settings. Project CARS comes with normal maps to cover up for low polygon count on consoles. If compared to Driveclub, Sony's upcoming racer has about 250,000 polygon count per car, but the game has been designed to keep the number low at the same time.

Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS will hit Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2014. The Wii U and SteamOS/Linux versions of the game have been delayed to 2015.

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