Project Ascension’s UI Revealed in Brilliant Video

The community developed game launcher that gained a huge following on Reddit finally gets a nearly final UI design. This UI for Project Ascension offers a fabulous and familiar design with an incredibly smooth interface. And the gorgeous video below walks us through all the various parts of it.

Open-source community driven launchers like Project Ascension are the future.

What they wanted to achieve with the Project Ascension design language was to provide a sleek and minimal design that's both familiar yet distinctive. And keeping with their open-source, community created roots they also wanted it to be customizable by the user.

Quite frankly, that video is beautiful. And the UI itself is quite great looking. The aesthetic reminds me very much of Google's material design, with clean lines, large and clear typography and the use of large high resolution images to create a bold look. Now that the final UI has been chosen, they can begin its integration into their final product.

Game launchers are an ever present and helpful part of life, they make it a bit easier to find all of your currently installed games and play them. The problem is that each game launcher is tied intimately with their own branded digital storefront. Project Ascension aims to unify all of those diverse digital storefronts and make them accessible within one platform. So you'll be able to search for the lowest prices and potentially make purchases straight from one platform. Overall it'll be better for the consumer by giving us greater choice of stores to buy from.

Quite frankly, this is a win for consumers and can help to spark competition not only in improving the launchers that already exist, but also in improving pricing models of digital games. We'll be able to easily parse through pricing data to find the cheapest option, and through a platform that isn't owned by any of those companies. Indeed, unification, here, could help promote that competition.

Tale a look at some photos below that show off the the UI in all its glory.

Login screen:

Project Ascension

Game library:

Project Ascension
Project Ascension

The storefront:

Profile page:

Project Ascension
Project Ascension

And finally, the news section:

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