Tesla Hires A New Vice President For Vehicle Production And Is Hopeful To Meet Excessive Demand

The electric car manufacturer, Tesla, has recently hired former Audi executive Peter Hochholdinger for the position of Vice President of vehicle production. The reason for this appointment is the recent departure of two senior production managers, namely Greg Reichow former VP of production and John Ensign former VP of manufacturing. The newly hired executive will be responsible for the production of Tesla’s Model X and Model S which are the company’s strong suites while on the other hand he will be developing a mass market for the new Model 3 as well.

As the new Vice President of production, Hochholdinger will be replacing former VP Greg Reichow who was previously in charge of the production of both Model X and Model S. Reichow left the company because of a troubled rollout of the Model X this time around. Tesla has received a lot more orders than it is accustomed to, and that was understood with the new Model 3 (which is the cheaper version) coming into play. The company has received approximately 400,000 preorders of the new model and this number is a lot more than the total number of cars that Tesla has manufactured till date


According to an emailed statement from Tesla to the Verge, Hochholdinger while he worked in Audi was responsible for the production of A4, A5 and Q5 vehicles. Apart from this he was also in charge of a production of 400,000 vehicles per year and also overlooked thousands of employees at the same time. This is a very credible background for any production executive. He has also acted as an advisor to bringing Audi’s production facility online in Mexico.

The statement states, "Tesla is excited to have Peter join the team," the statement did not specify any joining date.

As credible as he sounds, will Hochholdinger be able to help Tesla excel in the future?

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