Prime Day 2019 Discounts Echo Dot to $22, Fire TV Stick to Just $14.99

Fire TV stick

It doesn't get any sweeter than this. The Echo Dot 3rd generation is discounted to $22 while the Fire TV Stick can be had for $14.99.

Prime Day 2019 deals have left us startled in many ways. We've seen all sorts of discounts being hurled our way but we haven't quite seen anything like what Amazon is offering on its own hardware.

Right now, the company has discounted the Echo Dot even further, bringing its price down to a measly $22. If that doesn't raise an eyebrow, then you will be surprised to learn that the Fire TV Stick is discounted to $14.99 and it even includes free $45 Sling TV credit.

We suggest making your move really quickly if you want to secure your unit and have it shipped to you on time. With these prices, it's highly likely that hardware will run out of stock at a fairly alarming rate.

We suggest picking up both deals as they are a gateway into the world of home automation. You can use the Echo Dot for simple voice queries while the Fire TV Stick can be used to monitor Alexa-enabled cameras around your property. Besides, the Fire TV Stick is a great way to make your old TV rather smart again and it does so at a price of just a few cheap snacks.

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