Press shots of the Explorer, HTC’s new budget smartphone

Sep 20, 2011

HTC is targeting the budget users with this one, the HTC Pico a.k.a the HTC Explorer. The smartphone is in the same performance category as the Wildfire range and is aimed at the casual user with some fairly good specifications. The device is powered by a 600Mhz processor, obviously single core with 384MB of RAM, a 3.2" HVGA display and 512 MB of Ram though as always you should be able to add more capacity through a Micro SD card. The device has a rear facing 5 megapixel camera and runs Android Gingerbread with Sense 3.5 on top.

The specifications are pretty midrange but for a budget user or someone looking for their first smartphone, the HTC Pico should be more than enough. The device will be coming in Blue and Black however no word yet on the battery size, pricing and launch date. Though judging by the specifications you shouldn't really have any problems since there is nothing that resource hungry under the hood.

Tomorrow HTC has a media event in NYC, and we may get to see the HTC Pico there, though chances are the major spotlight will be on HTC's upcoming flashship phones the HTC Bliss and HTC Droid Incredible HD (Vigor)