[Press Release] Available next week: ROCCAT™ Kova[+] – Max Performance Gaming Mouse


I have just one word to say about this mouse. And that is. WOW! Never has the Gamer community ever seen a more streamlined, stealth themed gaming mouse for the consumer market. With customizable LED Lights upto 7 colors, one can set it to their tastes. Keeping in mind the price tag of €49.99, one wouldn't be hesitant to pay for it for a beauty like this. Looks like the Razer has got some serious competition to beat now.

Dear all

We are proud to release initial information about the new ROCCAT™ Kova[+] Max Performance Gaming Mouse today. Equipped with the latest and proven ROCCAT™ technological innovations, the new version of ROCCAT™ Kova now unites powerful technology with intelligent software and an advanced V-shaped design for left or right-handed use.

The 3200dpi Pro-Optic R2 Gaming Sensor plays in the champions' league of optical sensors, offering lag-free precision. Maximum speed has been increased to 130 inches per second, with maximum acceleration also being raised to 30G. And just like the current generation of all other ROCCAT™ gaming mice, the polling rate is an unprecedented 1000Hz.

The new Kova[+] now also comes with a feature-rich driver package. Along with adjusting the sensitivity and DPI, the functions of all seven buttons plus the mouse wheel can be customized. A multitude of functions as well as predefined Macro Presets for the top 20 PC games plus several office applications make customizing the mouse even easier. What's more, the Macro Manager also makes recording command sequences an absolute cinch.

The introduction of the unique EasyShift[+] button allows access to secondary button assignments, just like using the Shift key on a keyboard. The seven programmable buttons plus the mouse wheel can now directly trigger 16 mouse functions – with all buttons remaining easy to reach. The EasyWheel function works in a similar way: by keeping the EasyWheel button held depressed, it's possible to adjust the volume level or use the Aero Flip 3D function in Windows – among other features – just by scrolling the mouse wheel.

A multicolor LED system allows the mouse to light up in seven different colors – plus the mouse can be further personalized with color cycling and other light effects using the driver.

All the different configurations can be stored in any one of five Game Profiles and linked to games and apps, allowing button configurations, lighting set-ups and DPI settings, etc. to be automatically loaded when a game is started – a Windows Profile then automatically switches the Kova[+] back to its preconfigured default setting as soon as the game is exited.

Sound Feedback has also been integrated – a new feature first introduced on the ROCCAT™ Kone[+]. Now, any dpi, profile or sensitivity changes made on the Kova[+] are read aloud. The advantage of this is that there are no additional displays to distract from the gameplay so full attention remains on the screen.

The V-Shape formed by the incorporation of a slightly raised ridge on the upper casing means the Kova[+] sits just as nicely in the left or right hand, plus it can be controlled with maximum precision. The Griptech side areas which extend all the way to the top of the Kova[+] allow the mouse to be held securely when lifting it. In addition, the new Soft-Touch Coating offers amazing grip, complementing the non-slip performance of the familiar solid rubber Griptech side areas.

The ROCCAT™ Kova[+] Max Performance Gaming Mouse will be available in Europe from next week for a MSRP of €49.99.