These Premium Mac Apps Are Worth A Lot Of Money – Download Them For FREE


You know what's better than paid Mac apps and games? Of course, Mac apps and games that have gone free. That's exactly what we have today at hand. Dive right in and wreck that download button!

These Mac Apps And Games Command A Premium Price Tag On A Regular Day - They're Free For A Limited Period Of Time

Earlier today, we brought our readers a handful of paid iOS apps for free. But then we thought - we shouldn't stop there and things should be taken even further. That's exactly what we're doing with this roundup of apps; bringing to our dear readers a premium set of Mac titles which they can download for free for a limited period of time.

Without further ado, let's jump right into the downloading bit!

Typeeto - $9.99 Value

Typeeto is an app that enables you to use your Mac keyboard as a Bluetooth keyboard for other devices such as iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Android device, etc. Now use a full-scale keyboard to type in a text and it will be displayed real-time on your device screen. You do not need to install any other apps on your device – just connect it to Mac and start typing.

Download Typeeto for Mac

iFoto HDR - $12.99 Value

HDR should be a tricky subject to master for photographers. When you merge the images with different exposure to HDR photographs, how to ensure a creative and natural look? iFoto HDR should be the best answer for you to merge HDR photos. It is a super easy HDR program to make awesome results.

Download iFoto HDR for Mac

Ludo - $1.99 Value

Each player has 4 pieces which starts in the Home position. Roll the dice to move each piece around the board.

On the way to goal, you need to avoid being captured by other players, while you try to capture other players pieces and knock them back to their Home position.

Download Ludo for Mac

iHomework 2 - $4.99 Value

iHomework 2 for Mac is the perfect organizer for any student and makes tracking your school work a breeze. Let iHomework 2 organize your work so you can focus on getting it done.

Download iHomework 2 for Mac

Bulk Photo Watermark - $2.99 Value

Bulk Photo Watermark stamps text, EXIF data, QR codes, images and maps on your photos.

Download Bulk Photo Watermark for Mac

Age of Enigma Special Edition - $2.99 Value

After waking from a terrifying nightmare about a house engulfed in flames, medium Ashley Reeves receives an unsigned letter summoning her to this very place, where six restless ghosts are trapped. After gaining their trust, Ashley must channel each ghost and return to its homeland—exotic locales ranging from ancient Egypt to classical Japan to pirate-infested seas—so she can reconcile their unresolved deaths. Only after she has helped the ghosts find peace will Ashley understand why she’s been called here and what is truly at stake.

Download Age of Enigma Special Edition for Mac

Wrap Up

Please make sure that the offers are available in your region before clicking that downloading button. If an app or game carries a price tag then it's likely that the offer is not available in your country or region.