Looks Like Someone Predicted An iPad Pro Long Before Apple Could Have Thought About It

Omar Sohail

It looks like Apple’s creative thinkers were not the first that decided to brainstorm on an iPad Pro. An illustrator decided to predict that the Cupertino tech giant would release its giant sized slate quite some time ago. Let us see who this creative person was.

Joel Watson Draws Up A Comic Showing That Apple Would Showcase And iPad Pro In 2015

A comic that was published exactly three years ago showed that Joel Watson illustrated Microsoft announcing its original Surface tablet back in 2012. Though the crowd was not that receptive towards the software giant’s offering, the artist predicted that the exact opposite reaction would be given when iPad Pro was concerned, in 2015. While there are some predictions that completely deviate what the final product looks like, it is amazing to see how this individual got it right. After all, a larger screen tablet that not only exceeds the dimensions of iPad Air 2, but also excels in performance and can easily be used as a laptop substitute.

While previous iPads were not equipped with accessories designed to improve the productivity of the user, Apple has rolled out not one, but two accessories in order to make this possible (which have to be purchased separately unfortunately). Apple Pencil and a Smart Keyboard will provide the ideal solution to the user if a laptop alternative is what they are looking for. Coming to the hardware specifications of iPad Pro, the 12.9 inch slate is running a resolution of 2732 by 2048 pixels, which is a much higher resolution compared to the company’s 15 inch MacBook Pro.

Additionally, the A9X SoC is 1.8 times faster than A8X, meaning that you will have serious performance packed in to a 12.9 inch form factor. In fact, performance is so high that users will effortlessly be able edit three 4K streams at once. Apart from this, users can rake up to 10 hours of battery life on iPad Pro, and while it might be slightly thicker compared to iPad Air (6.9mm compared to the latter’s 6.1mm thickness), it is a worthy product in its own right (as long as you have sufficient cash for it).

There is also an 8MP iSight rear camera and the product will carry a starting price of $799 when it is available to purchase in November. Keep in mind that the aforementioned price tag is of the base storage model, and has 32GB of internal memory.


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