Portal 2 Splitscreen and Online Co-Op Detailed.

Valve has given some details about the Online Co-Op and Splitscreen gameplay details for their upcoming Portal 2. The guys at CVG were explained everything regarding the online and gameplay details by Valve's Erik Johnson. They were told that the split-screen will have a major role in both, Single TV and Online gameplay.

As you might expect, each player will be given a specific colour for their personal portal - while co-op levels will be separate and "pretty complicated".

"We're going to have two-player co-op, so you can play with a buddy," explained Johnson.

"It's a totally separate set of levels. Fictionally, it kind of fits inside of the single-player game but there are custom levels that tend to be pretty complicated.

"You don't play as Chell in co-op, you play as these two little robots because you're going to get cut in half by lasers and crushed by crushers - and robots are a little more appropriate for that.

"There's four different colours - we're actually testing right now to figure out the other two.

"Each player can go through each others' portals in any way. Also, a player can shoot a portal onto their friend's portal and take it over - which kind of comes into play.

"We've also added a way for you to mark up in context in the world, so if I'm playing with you and I want you to put a portal here [points ahead], I can choose it and then you'll see, you know: 'Hey, my buddy wants a portal here.'

"The other thing you can do is if you press TAB [on PC] it will give you a split screen [on your TV], so that you can see what your co-op friend is looking through. A huge amount of co-op experience is about talking: 'Let's try this and this and this' and seeing if it works.

"To be clear, there will be online and split-screen co-op, but I'm talking about a split-screen when I just want to see what you're seeing."

Johnson also gave us an insight into GlaDOS - your female-voiced tormentor, who returns in the second instalment. When asked if you will have a more cordial relationship this time around, he replied:

"Fundamentally GlaDOS wants to have a relationship with you, right? But the only way she knows how to have a relationship with you is to test you. That's about as much as I can give away without killing you."


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