Portal 2 co-op Demo at PAX

Portal 2 has created A LOT of uproar in the gaming community, Portal was a smash hit and I expect Portal 2 to be just as epic if not better, Every day I go to YouTube and search for new Portal 2 videos released by Valve to my surprise I didn't need to look at YouTube when a forum friend sent me this video in a PM showing me Portal 2 Co-Op game at PAX, The video was absolutely amazing and has increased my expectations for the game, Now I can join forces with my friends and solve puzzles in the Aperature sciences test labs :D.

Portal was an extra ordinary despite having a game play time of only 3 or 3 1/2 hours given that you know what your doing and the lack of Co-Op was understandable at the time because it was something new and Valve obviously thought the game wasn't ready for co-op play but now with Portal 2 Co-Op play you can enjoy the game with your brother or your friends (for the console version atleast).

The game is dated for February 2011, a red letter day for me and millions of other Portal fans, I just HOPE that valve doesn't delay the game to another year and they stay on track.

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