Popular Streamer Ninja Debuts On YouTube Gaming After Stealthy Vanish From Mixer


As Microsoft announced the untimely demise of Mixer and transition into Facebook's gaming service, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins was among the influencers that opted not to migrate over onto the new platform. It's been two weeks since the Mixer platform was announced to shut down and Ninja had since been MIA from the world of streaming.

There were rumors of Ninja joining Brime and other streaming platforms but today marks the Fortnite professional's return to prime time with his first stream on YouTube Gaming. Whether this is a test run to how receptive the audiences on YouTube would be compared to other platforms or the beginning of a new platform career remains to be seen but so far fans seem to be quite attentive to watching Ninja on YouTube. Ninja's first stream has already surpassed 150,000 likes and multiple $200-500+ donations from viewers.

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With Ninja performing his first squad stream on YouTube Gaming in, what else, Fortnite, you can check out the live gameplay of his first stream down below. Joining his squad are fellow Fortnite influencers DrLupo, timethetatman, and CouRageJD.

Ninja's first stream on YouTube has already been a success for the platform. With only an hour into his inaugural stream on YouTube Gaming, he's already surpassed 100,000 concurrent viewers, no small feat for the platform.