Pokemon Sword And Shield To Feature In-Game Purchase Option For Online Features


Pokemon Sword And Shield may not require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription for its online features, allowing players to purchase access for just the two games.

The games' official website confirmed that both Pokemon Sword And Shield will feature an in-game purchase option that will grant access to online functionality even without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

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Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for some online features. This game includes an in-game purchase option for users who do not have a membership. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features.

This would be a first for a Nintendo Switch game, as all the currently available titles with online features require an active subscription. This is would also be a very interesting approach, as it would allow players who are only interested in the online features of Pokemon Sword And Shield to save a little.

Our own Dave recently had the chance to try out Pokemon Sword and Shield. He noted that the two games will likely not break any new ground for the series, but they will be fun nonetheless

As far as Pokémon demos go, it’s pretty simple and what you would expect from a Pokémon game, not really letting me see anything of the open-world or anything outside of the gym, for that matter. But despite that, I had great fun playing the game, and although it’s certainly possible that Sword & Shield won’t turn out to be the very best Pokémon games ever, I think they’re still going to be a lot of fun.

Pokemon Sword And Shield launch on Nintendo Switch worldwide on November 15th. We will keep you updated on the online features as soon as more come in on them, so stay tuned for all the latest news.