Pokemon Sword And Shield Missing Pokemon Are Being Added By Modders


Pokemon Sword And Shield have been released just a couple of days ago on Nintendo Switch worldwide, and modders have already started working their magic, adding missing Pokemon to both games.

Modder SciresM confirmed on Twitter earlier today that he has managed to add missing first generation Pokemon to the games. Some of the animations are off, stats are broken, but it seems like everything works fine for the most part.

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SciresM is using models from the Let's Go games, so, at the very least, modders will be able to add all of the original 151 Pokemon to Sword And Shield. The others will probably require more work, as the latest 3D models for all Pokemon come from the latest 3DS entries in the series.

Despite the controversy regarding missing Pokemon and more, Pokemon Sword And Shield managed to make an excellent debut in the UK, becoming the second biggest UK launch in the history of the series.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield feature a brand new region as well as new gameplay mechanics and plenty of new Pokemon. As already mentioned, the new games are also, sadly, the first main entries in the series not to feature all of the Pokemon available so far.

A new generation of Pokémon is coming to the Nintendo Switch system . Become a Pokémon Trainer, embark on a new journey in the new Galar region, and unravel the mystery behind the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta! Explore the Wild Area, a vast expanse of land with free camera control. And participate in Max Raid Battles in which players will face off against gigantic and super-strong Pokémon known as Dynamax Pokémon.

Pokemon Sword And Shield are now available worldwide on Nintendo Switch.