Pokemon Nintendo Switch To Be Set In Kanto Region; New Domains Registered


The next entry in the Pokemon series is going to hit the Nintendo Switch consoles soon, but there's very little that's currently known about the game. Now that it seems like the game, or, apparently, the games, is to be revealed soon, some rumored details have surfaced online.

Earlier today, Eurogamer reported that the upcoming Pokemon Nintendo Switch games will be set in the Kanto region, the region of the original Pokemon Red and Blue and that they will be some sort of Pokemon Yellow remake. The project, however, took a different turn during development, as it originally featured visuals would reflect the project's origin as a higher-resolution version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, the latest entries in the series released on Nintendo 3DS.

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Last year, I heard from sources familiar with the project that the game would indeed be set in Kanto and be a sort-of remake of Pokémon Yellow. The visuals would be familiar and reflect the project's origins as a higher-resolution version of 3DS games Sun and Moon, I was told, before development took a different turn.

Additionally, it seems like the new games will be influenced by Pokemon Go in several ways, such as having visible Pokemon on the map. It looks like it will be possible to link the console and the mobile games.

Other leaks claiming information on the project have gone further on the Go connection, and suggested Go-style gameplay for catching Pokémon, and some way of linking both Go and Let's Go! together. A return to Kanto would also reflect the more mass-market appeal of Go, which has so far only featured the earlier and more recognisable Pokémon.

Earlier today, it's been confirmed that two possibly related domains have been registered, hinting that the two games may be called Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. Considering an image recently tweeted by Junichi Masuda, it's highly likely that the two first generation Pokemon will be the star of the show.

Pokemon Nintendo Switch has yet to be revealed in full. We will keep you updated on the matter as soon as possible, so stay tuned for all the latest news.