Pokemon GO Earth Day Event Will Reward You for Your Cleanup Efforts

Uzair Ghani
Pokemon GO

Niantic in collaboration with Mission Blue, has announced a new Pokemon GO Earth Day event for the 22nd of April. What's it all about? We have the details here.

Help in Cleanup Events and Be Awarded with up to 3x catch Stardust for Grass, Water and Ground-type Pokemon for 48 Hours

Though we all contribute in one way or the other to keep our planet nice, clean and safe, but there are times when we receive an incentive in doing so. And if you happen to be a Pokemon GO player (even today) then you will be rewarded for your cleanup efforts on the 22nd of April. How does it all work? Here's the official press release on the matter.

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Looking to make a difference this Earth Day, April 22? Like to play Pokémon GO? In collaboration with Mission Blue, we’re hosting local cleanup events around the world for Pokémon GO players, and you’re invited! Earth Day is a time to appreciate the places in which we live, and to find ways to help care for the planet. To help do our part, we will be hosting cleanup events around the globe!

Mission Blue, an organization dedicated to protecting the oceans, needs the help of Pokémon GO Trainers. If enough Trainers globally attend and partake in the cleanup efforts, they will unlock the following rewards worldwide:

  • 1,500 attendees: 2× catch Stardust for Grass-, Water-, and Ground-type Pokémon for 48 hours
  • 3,000 attendees: 3× catch Stardust for Grass-, Water-, and Ground-type Pokémon for 48 hours

Visit our Earth Day website to find a cleanup event near you! We believe in taking care of the planet, and we invite everyone to help us make the world a cleaner place. Join us to help make a positive impact around the world!

Mark the date and get ready to head over to your nearest event if you are looking to boost up your Pokemon GO credentials instantly while saving the Earth in the best possible manner. Also, as ever, the game remains free to play. If you are looking to join in the fun even today, then you can do so by tapping on the links below.

Download Pokemon GO for iOS [App Store link]
Download Pokemon GO for Android [Google Play link]

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