Pokemon GO for Apple Watch Has Been Cancelled [Update: Niantic Responds]

Uzair Ghani
Pokemon GO

If you were hoping for Pokemon GO to arrive on Apple Watch, then you might want to tone your hopes down, drastically.

Pokemon GO on Apple Watch Will Never Happen

Back in September, Niantic joined Apple on stage to show off Pokemon GO for Apple Watch. Since then, the company has been pretty mum regarding its plans for Cupertino's smartwatch. Now though, 9to5Mac has confirmed using reliable sources that Niantic has axed Pokemon GO for Apple Watch completely, and those who were awaiting its arrival should immediately drop their hopes down.

After rumors emerged claiming that Niantic had ceased development of Pokémon Go for Apple Watch, 9to5Mac has confirmed with a source with knowledge of the plans that the Apple Watch app has for now been shelved.

Interestingly, reports suggest Pokemon GO demonstrated on Apple Watch was an 'unfinished port.' It's surprising why that term is even being used to describe it.

Reports claim that what Niantic demonstrated on stage at Apple’s iPhone event in September was an “unfinished port.” Referring to the Apple Watch app as a “port” is somewhat interesting as the it was originally described as being a companion app, with features such as the Apple Watch tapping your wrist as you approached a Pokéstop.

Functionality-wise, the companion app would have been a massive treat for players as it negates the need to take out the smartphone out of your pocket in order to reload at a PokeStop. But given Niantic has now axed its plan for a companion app completely, we can now rest assured we won't ever be catching Pokemon from our wrist using Apple's wearable.

While the development has been cancelled, an alleged Niantic representative, in a customer support email, said the company will start off work on the 'port' if the demand goes sky high.

At this point, Niantic hasn’t offered up any official details as to why it ceased development of the Pokémon Go Apple Watch application. In a customer support email response, an alleged Niantic representative stated that while plans have been ceased, “if demand for an Apple Watch port increases, we will continue development of a port.”

It's time gamers start dropping some emails to Niantic, pushing them to bring Pokemon GO to Apple Watch once and for all.

Update: Niantic has squashed all rumors by confirming Pokemon GO for Apple Watch is well on its way. The confirmation was sent out by the company's official Pokemon GO Twitter account.

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