PNY Launches The XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB DDR4 Desktop Memory With Speeds Up To 3600MHz

Alex Casas

RAM is something that should never be slept on, it is one of the most important components to a build. It increases the speed and performance of your system. High-quality RAM has become a must in recent times and PNY looks to add to its DRAM lineup with the XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB DDR4 3600MHz Desktop Memory. This memory kit features a classy design with plenty of RGB.

PNY XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB DDR4 Memory Announced - Well-Performing Memory With A Classy Design Yet Bright Design

Having memory that performs well is something that has become a necessity and these new sticks come in at 3200MHz and 3600MHz which are pretty solid speeds. 3200MHz has now become the standard for memory and these sticks achieve those clock speeds with CL16 timings on the 3200MHz models and CL18 on the 3600MHz. Both models feature a voltage of 1.35V. These DIMMs deliver the required Overclocked Performance and support XMP 2.0 technology to provide a superior gaming experience.

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Along with a stylish design, the design of the module serves another purpose. The design of the heatsink is an aggressive faceted 3D geometric design and is PNY's most advanced design with the purpose of making it the most efficient heat spreader. On top of the advanced heat spreader, the DIMMs feature a light show with plenty of RGB. The dual-sided 5x2 LED configuration housed inside a frosted light guide lens provides brilliant RGB lighting that eliminates shadows and dark spots. The DIMMs also use the best parts on the market and PNY has them all rigorously tested before using them. This ensures the consumer gets the best product possible.

These RAM kits go from 8GB individual DIMMs to 32GB kits in a configuration of two 16GB DIMMs. The 3600MHz kits only come in 8GB individual DIMMs and 16GB kit for up to $84.99. The 3200MHz kits come in capacities up to 32GB for up to $129.99.

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