PlayStation Trophies Can Now Earn You Discounts on Games

PS5 Trophies

Collecting PlayStation Trophies can be fun, but sometimes the experience feels a bit hollow. Aside from personal satisfaction, what do you get for that Platinum Trophy you spent 50 hours (or more) earning? Wouldn’t it be nice if you got a tangible reward for your hard work? Well, now you can.

Following an update, the Sony Rewards program now lets you earn PlayStation Store credit by unlocking trophies. Here’s how much the various trophies are worth:

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  • Silver Trophy: Get 100 Silver Trophies while you game and earn 100 points.
  • Gold Trophy: Get 25 Gold Trophies while you game and earn 250 points.
  • Platinum Trophy: Get 10 Platinum Trophies and earn 1,000 points.

1,000 Sony Rewards points can be traded in for a $10 PlayStation Store voucher. So, this promotion won’t exactly be earning you free games hand-over-fist, but it’s something. Unfortunately, there are a couple caveats – the promotion is only available in the US, and you can’t cash in PlayStation Trophies you’ve already earned. A tough pill to swallow for those sitting on a pile of 30 Platinums.

Sony also revealed a few other new ways you can earn reward points:

  • Trail Blazer: Sign up for 4 free PlayStation Network service trials and get a 15% off discount code for PlayStation Store.
  • Entertainment Trifecta: Subscribe to 3 PlayStation Network services and earn 500 points.
  • Triple Feature: Rent 3 movies from PlayStation Store and earn 250 points.
  • Digital Trilogy: Purchase 3 eligible Sony Pictures movies from PlayStation Store and earn 500 points.

If you’d like to start earning a few bucks from your hard-earned trophies, all you have to do is link your PSN account through the Sony Rewards Website. Oh, and if you live outside the US, it’s actually very easy to create a new American PS4 profile/PSN account, so you needn't be left out.

What do you think about the new Sony Rewards promotion? A nice gesture of appreciation for trophy hoarders, or could Sony have done more?

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