PlayStation Store is BACK UP go get your rewards!

PlayStation store is BACK UP people now power on those PS3's and redeem your free games whether you are on PSN US, PSN UK or PSN Asia you can go ahead and redeem your free games, although PSN Store is getting hammered right now as I keep getting the 80710D36 Error

So cool your jets and be patient, I am waiting for an hour or two from now and am gonna leave my downloads in the list and then proceed to turn off my PS3 and download the free games when the PSN isn't getting hammered 🙂

UPDATE: Just got off PSN Store (US) and I wasn't able to find any of the free games and I am still a regular PSN member (and yes my PSN IS older than April 18th 2011) So maybe someone can shed some light on how to get free PSN + and the free games for the region, the only thing I got off the PSN store for now is an Infamous 2 demo at 2.5GB. I will wait for details on where the games are located and update it here too

Source: My PS3

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