PlayStation Plus League eSports Platform Revealed, Play for Real Money Even


Sometimes leaks happen, and this time Sony seems to have an eSports platform in the works for PlayStation Plus members, letting those with a PlayStation Plus membership compete against each other in organized leagues, possibly even for real money.

Sony's PlayStation Plus League lets everyone compete for real money prizes.

So far the website indicates that Street Fighter IV Ultra, Battlefield Hardline and FIFA 16 will all be part of the new eSports platform by Sony. There will be multiple championships throughout the year and several seasons that occur throughout the year as well.

Even better different divisions will be available so that everyone of every skill level can participate. And of course the obligatory prizes at the end, with one apparently being up to €20,000.

Aside from the aforementioned games that are featured on the homepage, it looks like nearly any competitive game is capable of being a part of their new PlayStation Plus League. Rocket League and even Trials Fusion have upcoming tournaments too. The PlayStation Plus League looks to let everyone compete for real money and real prizes, making eSports something that everyone can participate in.