PlayStation Plus has been Blocked from Xbox; Likewise, Game Pass has been Blocked from PlayStation

Ule Lopez
PlayStation Plus XBox Game Pass

A few days ago, Sony released a response regarding a 10-year deal that Microsoft was offering for Call of Duty content. This response has provided several details that have been discovered about the way both gaming giants have conducted business. In today's case, we learned that PlayStation Plus was at one point being planned to appear on Xbox and Game Pass on PlayStation.

According to Sony's response document, Microsoft wouldn't allow PlayStation Plus on Xbox. Here's the full excerpt that highlights this fact found on Page 14 of the document:

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Microsoft argues that demand for multi-game subscription services would not tip towards Game Pass because Microsoft would also make Game Pass available on PlayStation (Microsoft, para.1.3(g)). But the wider availability of the leading provider (Game Pass), now endowed with exclusive irreplaceable content, and protected by direct and indirect network effects, would make it harder - not easier - for rival multi-game subscription services to compete. Microsoft's stance that Game Pass availability on PlayStation would be a panacea for the harm from this Transaction rings particularly hollow given that Microsoft does not permit PlayStation Plus to be available on Xbox.

Of course, Microsoft didn't skip a beat to respond to this claim by stating that, much like how PlayStation Plus was denied in Xbox's ecosystem, Xbox Game Pass was denied on PlayStation as well. In other words, both companies essentially keep their services closed off from each other. As such, neither company is left with an incentive to have its flagship service appear on the other's platform.

Here's Microsoft's input on the matter as outlined on Page 13 of its document response:

[...] Nor is there any basis for the idea that acquiring Call of Duty could ‘tip’ subscription services in Xbox’s favor. Sony has chosen to block Game Pass from PlayStation, so it is not available on PlayStation. As all games that are available on Game Pass are also available to purchase, PlayStation gamers will continue to have the ability to buy Call of Duty on PlayStation. And doing so will still cost less than the cost of switching by buying a new Xbox console.

We'll continue to update this story as it develops. In other news, GameStop has recently responded to a recent customer data leak alleging that the data was created by its internal teams.

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