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PlayStation Now May Be Getting A Download Option – Rumor


The PlayStation Now service, which allows users to stream a variety of PlayStation titles on different devices, may be getting a download option in the future.

A few hours ago, Reddit user satertek shared a screenshot of the new PlayStation Now pause menu, which now includes a Download option. The option doesn't do anything at the time, but it's likely that it will soon become active. Considering the PlayStation 3's architecture, it's likely that the download option will only be available for PlayStation 4 titles, in the vein of the Xbox Game Pass

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The PlayStation Now has been launched a while back in all regions, allowing players to stream a variety of PlayStation titles. Among them are some high profile titles like Red Dead Redemption as well as several PlayStation exclusives such as The Last Of Us, the Uncharted series and more.

Blockbuster hits
From the plains of Red Dead Redemption to the open world of Fallout 3, from multiplayer brawls in Injustice: Gods Among Us to owning the ring in WWE 2K16, and from the loot-and-shoot of Borderlands to the incredible vistas of BioShock Infinite, PS Now has some of the biggest games you may have missed or just want to play again.

PlayStation exclusives
PS Now is home to some of the all-time greats of PlayStation gaming that you won’t find on any other console, like the Uncharted series, The Last of Us, Until Dawn, God of War Remastered, Heavy Rain and many others.

Family friendly adventures
A PS Now subscription means you’ll never run out of games for all the family. Go on hilarious LEGO adventures in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham or LEGO Harry Potter and Star Wars titles, build a city in Tropico 5 or a rural paradise in Farming Simulator, or play together in Everybody’s Golf World Tour.