Like PlayStation Access Page to Get 2 Free Mini Games!

PlayStation loves doing the ever so often Facebook related promotion but they mostly do it with upcoming titles or themes, this is probably the first time the company has given away to free mini games available for everyone to enjoy! The offer is of course limited for an limited time so don't miss out on the opportunity to redeem these codes pronto, I should mention that the codes only work with UK accounts but since making an account on the PS3 is anything but slow I would say making one would be worth it for now and future promotions from Sony.

Sony has always been about promoting their products through Facebook, they have done it with Last of Us, Star Hawk and even Twisted Metal via a give away of free content and themes. But now it seems that Sony is now handing away two free mini games to any one and everyone, so don't be afraid to spread the love as there are plenty of codes to go around and all you need is a UK PSN Account and a Facebook account and you are good to go.

Simply Click Here or click on the Source and you will be taken to the page you will need to like to be part of the promotion with the simple task of "Like" the PlayStation Access page and once you have done so you will receive a redeemable code in the same window which you can redeem through the UK PlayStation Store (I can confirm that the code will only work with the UK as I kept getting an error with the US Store It has also been said that the code works with Middle East Accounts but I didn't test it)

Here are the two games in question:

Jewel Keepers: Easter Island


While they may not look like much at least they're free right? so why not take advantage of this rare opportunity and grab the code for your self and your friends post haste!

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