The PlayStation 5 SSD Will Not Change Open World Games Dramatically


The PlayStation 5 SSD is among the console's most exciting features, but it will not change open-world games dramatically, at least by itself.

In a recent post on the ResetEra forums, Digital Foundry Content Producer Alexander Battaglia commented on the console's SSD, highlighting how open-world games will not allow different looking open-world games, as the data pulled from the SSD would be static data, and open-world games increase details and variety through procedural methods.

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I typed this elsewhere, but people saying things about the SSD enabling entirely different looking open-world games does not make much sense based upon what we know about open-world development really. All data pulled from SSD would be static data, completely unmutable. That would mean perfectly predesigned level data and arrangements, which is the exact opposite methodology of how modern open-world games increase their detail and variety — which is in fact through procedural method not living on the disk... Procedural methods exist to increase the efficiency of artists and diversity of the game world and even increase detail beyond static draws.

On a related note, Alexander Battaglia also commented on the Xbox Series X GPU, highlighting how it is simply better than the PlayStation 5's.

This won't happen unless the Xbox Series X is targeting unattainably higher settings and resolution or a developer messed up. Xbox Series X GPU is just better, full stop. Just like this gen with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. If a game is performing worse on Xbox One X, I think a developer has all the wrong prioritize or some software problem they need to work around. Also I just want to shut down any discussion of 'brute forcing' regarding any hardware. Sometimes things are just better. Like the RTX 2080 is better than the 2060S.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series X launch later this year worldwide.