PlayStation 5 SSD Will Allow Instant Loading of High Quality Assets and Greater Detail, Former Naughty Dog Developer Says


The PlayStation 5 specs may be lower than the Xbox Series X ones, but it still doesn't mean that games won't look great. According to a former Naughty Dog developer, the console's SSD will be a huge game changer.

Following the reveal of the PlayStation 5 specs. Naughty Dog former technical art director Andrew Maximov explained on Twitter how the SSD will improve rendering, making it easier to do things that require some workarounds in current-gen games.

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Towards the end of a console cycle a huge amount of work goes into scripting just the right data to be loaded and rendered just at the right time. And the designers and engineers who do that largely remain thankless as it's not the sexiest job. Yet it's what makes this possible.

Even with current-gen hardware we can render most single objects at lifelike detail. Every hair in Drakes stubble was a triangle. We can render vast spaces by using smart LoD systems.
But we can't store all of the super detailed high res versions for all objects in memory at once.

The PlayStation 5 SSD will allow loading the highest possible quality of assets instantly, giving developers more freedom in creating the best possible games without them "blowing the budget".

So the ability to load in the highest resolution version of any asset just in front of you and drop it immediately as you turn around means that every tree can have 3d bark and moss and ants marching on it just when needed, without blowing up the budget. It's going to be great.

This, obviously, will require some effort on the developer's part, but things are definitely sounding promising, at least for PlayStation 5 exclusives.

Following months of rumors and speculation, Sony finally revealed the PlayStation 5 specs. The console will sport n 8x Zen 2 CPU running 3.4GHz, custom RDNA 2 GPU featuring 36 compute units running at 2.23 GHz, delivering 10.28 TFLOPs while boosted, 16GB of GGDR6 RAM and a custom 825GB SSD.

The PlayStation 5 launches later this year worldwide. We will keep you updated on the console as soon as more comes in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest.