The PlayStation 5 Processing Power Is “Incredible”; It Will Bring A Return Of The “Programmable” Era


The next console generation is going to be unveiled soon, and developers have started talking about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett and what to expect from them. Among them is the Yakuza series general director Toshihiro Nagoshi, who recently revealed some interesting tidbits.

Speaking during the latest Sega-Nama broadcast, Toshihiro Nagoshi stated that the PlayStation 5 processing power is incredible, and the team is already thinking about how to use it to improve on the series' gameplay.

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Toshihiro Nagoshi also added that the PlayStation 5 is going to bring a return to the "programmable" era, where artificial intelligence and machine learning will be central, as opposed to simple graphics improvements.

A summary of what has been said can be found below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Even after PlayStation 5 is released, I think PlayStation 4 is going to be the main focus for a while longer.

The processing power of PlayStation 5 is incredible, so when we try to think of new gameplay that will utilize its full potential, I’m not really sure which aspects of existing mechanics we should translate.

First there was a time when graphics improved, then there was network features, and now I guess you can say its a return to the “programmable” era? I think artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to evolve.

If you would pour its power into graphics it’ll be the best that we’ve yet to see, and I think everyone is thinking about in what way we should use that power. I as well. There’s artificial intelligence and many other things I want to think about.

Earlier this month, we managed to get a glimpse of the PlayStation 5 in action. A video shown during an official presentation by Sony showed how quickly the console loads games.

The PlayStation 5 console will be released on a yet to be confirmed release date.