The PlayStation 5 Official Website Has Been Launched; Full Reveal May Take Some Time

Playstation 5

The official PlayStation 5 website has finally been launched today.

The website, which is currently live for select regions like the UK and Germany, doesn't reveal anything new, only inviting players to register to receive the latest news on the console.

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We've begun to share some of the incredible features you can expect from PlayStation 5, but we're not quite ready to fully unveil the next generation of PlayStation. Sign up below to be among the first to receive updates as we announce them, including news on the PS5 release date, PS5 price and the upcoming roster of PS5 launch games.

With the website going live, we should expect an official reveal to take place in the near future. Rumors say that it should happen this month, but Sony has yet to announce anything. The wording used on the official website also seems to suggest that it may not take place this month.

Very little is currently known about the PlayStation 5 console. Recent rumors suggest that Sony's console is still ahead of the Xbox Series X in terms of performance, but the two next-gen consoles will not be all that different.

This generation will NOT be the generation of the visual difference that makes you decide what to buy. It will be the generation of the games. Yes, one will be faster than another (but you will not notice it in practice). One will load the screen in 10 seconds and the other in 7 seconds. One will have a better sound than the other. One will run the game at 60fps and the other ... too. What will really matter will be the quality that development studies can achieve with their time and budget.

The PlayStation 5 console releases later this year worldwide. We will keep you updated on the console as soon as more comes in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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