PlayStation 5 Noise Levels Are Pretty Impressive but Thermal Design Should be Improved, New Unofficial Tests Conclude


YouTube channel Gamers Nexus performed a set of thermal, noise, and power tests on the freshly-released PlayStation 5, and it seems that there’s still room for improvement for Sony’s console.

Some weeks ago, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry released its PS5 review, which also briefly covered the outer heat and noise levels of Sony’s next-gen console.  The outlet concluded that the PS5 is rather cool and quiet. Another test has now surfaced, however, going deeper into noise levels, power draw, and thermal of the PlayStation 5. We've included that part of Digital Foundry's review down below.

PS5 System Updates Can Dynamically Adjust The Console’s Fan Speed for Better Cooling

The tests, conducted by PC-oriented YouTube channel Gamers Nexus (which performs game benchmarks and component analysis) show that while noise levels for the PS5 are indeed impressive, the console’s thermal design should be improved as its memory runs quite hot – in some cases in the 90 degrees Celsius range.

“The PS5's large blower fan seems to spin at a low enough speed to maintain noise targets and avoid the complaints of the previous generation, but we think there's room in Sony's design to improve thermals in both the chassis walls and the fan PWM aggression”, Gamers Nexus writes.

While the measurements might not be totally accurate due to not having been able to measure the temperature on the on-die sensor of the memory. It’s a really interesting analysis and one that you should definitely check out if you’re interested in this type of stuff.

The PlayStation 5 is available globally now.