PlayStation 5 Unannounced Launch Title Will Be a Revival of a Big PlayStation Franchise; New God of War to Be Revealed During August’s State of Play – Rumor

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PlayStation 5

Another PlayStation 5 launch title is going to be announced very soon, and it will be a return of a big franchise that is associated with the PlayStation brand.

In a new video, YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead reported that a source who confirmed many of the details of the Xbox Game Showcase before the airing of the event revealed that Sony will show another PlayStation 5 launch title during a new State of Play that should air sometime in August. This game will mark the return of a PlayStation franchise that used to be big, and apparently Mark Cerny himself is working on it.

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Additionally, this source cited by Moore's Law is Dead revealed that a new God of War is also going to be revealed during the August State of Play. The direct sequel to the 2018's PlayStation 4 exclusive is apparently releasing in late 2021.

In his video, Moore's Law is Dead also addresses some other rumors regarding the PlayStation 5 hardware. You can find the full video below, but make sure to take everything with a grain of salt until official announcements are made.

We have been hearing about an August PlayStation 5 focused State of Play for a while now. According to rumors, a PlayStation 5 exclusive new entry in the Silent Hill series is going to be revealed during the event.

-It is developed by Sony Japan Studios & will be PS5 exclusive.
-Toyama is directing, Akira Yaomoka is composing, Masahiro Ito is doing art, various Siren/Gravity Rush devs & some others working on it.
-This has nothing to do with Kojima or Silent Hills, that probably is not happening.
-Sony is NOT buying IPs, that's bullshit.
-The game is NOT a remake, it is a soft reboot, made so it can be someone's first SH game.
-The game is playable & has a demo that will be shown around after reveal.
-The details of this are not murky, there should be no miscommunication

The PlayStation 5 console releases later this year worldwide. We will keep you updated on the date of the next State of Play as soon as more comes in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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