PlayStation 4 Voice Command In Action – Works Fast And Smooth

Fahad Arif

Sony’s next-gen console is coming with an exciting new feature, the PlayStation 4 voice command. Sony is a little late in announcing the voice command feature for PlayStation home console taking that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 users are already enjoying it Since the launch of Kinect in 2010.

PlayStation 4 Voice Command Demonstration – Works Fast and Smooth

Just like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Xbox One, PlayStation 4 now also features voice command. PlayStation 4 voice command will allow the users to navigate and control their PlayStation 4 using their voice, it will also help the developers in enhancing the experience of the next-gen games and making them voice command enabled.

Unfortunately, PlayStation 4 voice command would be limited at the time of launch. Only few commands such as going back to the home screen from a game or an app, turning off the console or taking a screenshot would be supported initially. Users would not be able to turn on the console and no third party apps would support the voice command right away. PlayStation 4 voice command would come with the PS camera, an accessory for the console that must be bought separately for $60.

PlayStation 4 is releasing tomorrow and many players have started receiving their consoles that they pre-ordered. Many features of PlayStation 4 have already been shown off by the users. One user has demonstrated the working of PlayStation 4 voice command. From the video, its looks pretty smooth and fast. It will be really great if Sony takes this seriously and allow the third party game developers to fully utilize this exciting feature. Watch the PlayStation 4 voice command demonstration video below:

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