PlayStation 4 Next Update Adds Suspend/Resume Feature – Sony to Use Beta Testers from PlayStation MVP Program

Archie Paras

Sony Computer Entertainment has begun a new PlayStation 4 system software beta testing program for its PlayStation MVP Program members, and details on firmware update version 2.50, now in beta testing, have leaked.

Here's how the description of the PlayStation MVP program reads:

As a member of the PlayStation® MVP, you’ll help host exclusive game events and tournaments, create content such as walk throughs and help articles for fellow PlayStation® gamers on the PlayStation® Forums, and share your expert opinions on PlayStation® products through exclusive panels and discussion sessions with the PlayStation® Community Management team.

PlayStation® MVPs are hand-picked by the Community Management team through a specific set of criteria. Apply now and begin your journey.

PlayStation® MVPs are volunteers. As members of the program, they have agreed to a set of Terms and Conditions.

The main feature of the 2.50 update is the highly anticipated, suspend/resume feature, that was first announced at the PlayStation 4 reveal press conference in February of last year.

Here’s the outline:

Main Features

The system can now enter rest mode without closing any applications. You can adjust this setting in [Power Save Settings] > [Set Functions Available in Rest Mode].
[Accessibility] has been added to [Settings]. You can adjust accessibility settings such as zooming and button assignments.

The information above comes from a PlayStation MVP beta tester who leaked the update screen image. There are also some other features that are coming with the update, but are not detailed in the image. Although some additional trophies related features were detailed, via Wario64:

Delete trophies with zero percent.
Search trophy details on the internet, including screenshots of scenes with trophies.
SharePlay at 60 frames per second.
Share trophy details and screenshots.

Those eligible to beta test the version 2.50 of the PS4  update, after participating in the PlayStation MVP ambassador program, will get a message via the PlayStation Network with a code to download the software.

The Suspend/resume functionality of the PlayStation 4 has been a long time coming, and it was initially one of the main features that Sony emphasised, during the Playstation 4 reveal press conference. It's nice to finally be able to enjoy this advanced capability enabled by the new generation of hardware.

Another very useful feature is the new ability to backup to an external HDD.

There's no word on when the next PlayStation 4 software update will go live, but we can possibly expect it sometime this spring, judging from the program. We will bring you any additional news regarding the update, as well as any new information on PlayStation 4, as soon as it becomes available.


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