Playstation 4 Shelved?

Some new updates by Sony on the next generation PlayStation reveal that the upcoming PS4 might have been shelved. Reasons are listed below:

Hiroshige Goto says SCEI suspended PS4 development. They were working on a PowerPC based system at IBM Rochester after the Larrabee fall out, then shelved it. They are betting the farm on PSP2 as they expect handhelds to displace consoles.

● There is no immediate plan for PlayStation 4 (PS4)
In the introduction to a new portable game platforms, the new generation of anxious but deferred. PlayStation 3 (PS3) machine's successor, present what's going on. Hirai said that as mentioned below.

"On stationary and went in business in 2006 PS3 will go to the lifecycle of 10 years. In that sense, do not go to the halfway point yet. An attractive first-party titles, both third party, rather I came out. has implemented a new initiative announced each year in the future PS3 software to enhance the feature sets to take care and hope to grow. So suddenly the next generation PS4 or stationary machines that's what the debate is not even now. I mean the PS3 is now concentrating on. In addition, NGP and PS3 now want you to appeal to a new partnership with. "

This explanation is convincing. This generation aircraft is in the current harvest, the situation has been eagerly anticipated next-generation consoles is not. There are Gemupaburissha / circumstances of the developer is also at stake. Deferred generation machine now, advances in hardware development cost is bloated title. Thus, even the major studios can not run a large number of title lines of development. Due to rising costs, market failures and costly title.

In these situations, if the aircraft appeared to freeze new architecture to study again, the engine and tools, and will repeat the cycle, such as the burden would increase further. Many Gemudeberoppa, considering the business side, it would freeze the machine you really want to leave alone.

● SCE's next game is unchanged since the process 22/20nm
SCE's plans for PS4 generation machine, the various plans so far surfaced, disappeared. Larrabee and Intel's plan to use, IBM PowerPC-based development centers in Rochester there was a plan to develop a CPU. However, last year (2010) in the middle, the plan was back to the drawing board for all these. Currently, there are even plans to run, so would not be at an advanced stage.

As a result, SCE's 32nm/28nm generation process is likely to have no plans of silicon stationary machines. Cell Broadband Engine (Cell BE) said that no plans for 32nm process version. In other words, SCE-CPU machines deferred production, presumably they can empty a process generations. Perhaps the next generation is going to be a 22nm/20nm for subsequent generations of the process.

SCE and Microsoft, IBM for one another, dimly seen through the different situations have been encountered with scissors game. Microsoft side also, the direction of the next generation, there is considerable confusion as the first next-generation hardware that Microsoft had been told to reconsider whether to even sales. For example, is said to have been discussed at the board level as well as how to feed. Microsoft also is running as a plan, not very advanced stage.

In other words, SCE is also Microsoft also last year (2010) in the later stages of planning, next generation game consoles freeze, which had continued to pretty. Both companies make no signs of generational change now that the strategy focused on current machines.

Because there was a situation, SCE also plan aside PS4, NGP is estimated to have focused on. SCE also considered an in-house resources, it is considered unavoidable. NGP and software stack, PlayStation emulator PlayStation Suite / Xperia Play 割Ita resources in software development, PS4 strength of the SCE will not only taken up and move on to. The device is smaller than the aircraft against stationary, portable machines that are more urgent is the threat of smartphone market situation there.

Looks like we on't be seeing a new console except the NGP (PSP2) in near future. Some rumors also tell that Microsoft is in talks to suspend the Next Gen Xbox's Development.


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