PlayStation 4 Releases a new Eye Catching Trailer Titled “See Future of Play”

The days running into Christmas are usually the busiest shopping days of the whole year. Gifts all around make it a very special day where we share the love and show how much we care about one another through gifts and gatherings. So this is a huge opportunity for retail stores, mega-marts, online e-commerce websites and especially companies behind the products to make big into the business by attracting customers through discounts and special offers. This is taken as a huge opportunity as better sales also guarantee customer retention and in the midst of the Christmas war, PlayStation 4 team has released yet another trailer to attract more customers towards their console.

"See the Future of Play" on the "World's Most Powerful Console"

The video titled "See the Future of Play" by the PlayStation 4 team, looks at different aspects of the PlayStation 4 in a highly attractive video which talks about the experiencing the the biggest and the best titles in the gaming world as the video features FIFA 15, Destiny, Far Cry 4 and more. The video look at the aspects of remote play, share play and the media capabilities of the console. It focuses on the competitive atmosphere the console provides while sharing the games with friends. It tags the PlayStation 4 as the biggest online gaming community and advertises the fact that 24 free to download games are available to users on the PlayStation 4 through a PlayStation Plus Subscription.

It also advertises the PS Vita handheld console which can be taken virtually anywhere with an amazing all round experience. The trailer also shows the integration with Sony products, particularly the later of Sony's high end smartphone, the Xperia Z3 which can be connected to the PlayStation 4 controller and allows games to be played on the phone with the controller.

The trailer shares the capability of the PS4 where you can record gameplay movies and share them online with friends via your YouTube channel or your Facebook account. The trailer shows how you can stay connected to your friends with the smartphone PlayStation application. Lastly it shows the media capabilities of the device where it can play Blu-ray movies and stream movies/seasons online. Finally, the video says that this is a comprehensive device with complete social integration to keep you up to date.

All in all, the PlayStation 4 team made for a very comprehensive and short trailer which explains a lot about the gaming console and its supporting devices. Maybe this shows why Sony expects and warned that the Europe region might have a shortage of PlayStation 4 consoles over the remainder of the holiday period.

If you want to buy the console or games you can find holiday deals for the PlayStation 4 and its games here.

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