PlayStation 4 Fimware Update 9.00 Fixes Missing CMOS Battery Issues


The latest PlayStation 4 system software update reportedly fixed the issues that prevent users from starting physical and digital games with a bad or missing CMOS battery when offline.

Destruction Games, who originally reported the CMOS battery issues, confirmed a few hours ago on Twitter that the 9.0 firmware seems to have solved the issues, as they managed to play games on a PlayStation 4 with a missing CMOS battery while offline. Further testing is definitely needed, but it seems like Sony indeed looked into the issue as previously announced.

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The PlayStation 4 system software update 9.00 introduced the ability to view PlayStation 5 games trophies on PlayStation 4, some tweaks to messaging, improved parental controls, and more.

  • You can now view trophies for PS5 games on PS4.
    • In (Trophies), you can now view PS5 trophies in your trophy list.
    • You can also view PS5 trophies in the trophy list on the profile screen under the [Games] tab.
  • In (Messages) we’ve updated the following:
    • If you’re the owner of a group, you can now delete it. To delete a group, open the options menu and then select [Delete Group]. If you delete a group, it will be deleted for all members.
  • Now when you block someone, you can choose to also leave the group that only you and they are in at the same time. You won’t leave groups that include other players.

The full PlayStation 4 system software update 9.00 notes can be found here.

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