[Updated: Safe] Mystery PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 5.53-01 Released by Sony

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Apr 24, 2018

[Update] Following concerns over the safety of this unusual update, we reached out to Sony’s online safety team manager, Luke Mears, who confirmed that the firmware update is safe to download. “Yes it’s safe, we wouldn’t release it if it wasn’t”, he said

[Original story] It appears that Sony has released PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.53-01, although its contents are still a mystery.

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On both Twitter and the PlayStation 4 Reddit, PS4 player are reporting to have received a rather small firmware update for their console. Clocking in at roughly 70MB, the patch numbering, 5.53-01, is different from previous updates which come without a hyphen.

We’ve reached out to Sony regarding this update and we’ll update as soon as we learn more about this new firmware version.