PlayStation 4 Emulator Orbital Can Now Enter Safe Mode Menu; Video Shared


A PlayStation 4 emulator called Orbital has been in the works for some time, and it has recently reached a very important milestone which paves the way for more improvements.

A new video that's been shared recently on YouTube shows how the PlayStation 4 emulator Orbital can now enter the console's Safe Mode menu. The emulator currently cannot go beyond that, but it's a massive step forward.

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The developer also shared the current status of the emulator and future developments.

Current status: After last update, we have reimplemented large parts of the PS4 GPU graphics pipeline using Vulkan and recompiling AMD GCN bytecode into SPIR-V. This finally allows us to "see" the Safe Mode menu, booted from a PS4 5.xx kernel. At the moment, we receive an CE-343XX error which indicates a PS4 HDD failure. This issue is to be expected since we have booted the PS4 kernel without a valid HDD image. In the future, Safe Mode menu will have an important role when booting Orbital for the first time. The procedure to make the emulator work will be similar to the replacement of the HDD in an actual PS4 console.

More information on the emulator can be found here.