Playing PS3 games with Keyboard and Mouse is now possible

Are you a terrible master of the DualShock 3 even though you wanna enjoy Killzone 3 and Black Ops? Looking for a way to make use of those Bluetooth Keyboard and Mice to work with your PS3? fret no more, an online guide has surfaced which shows how you can use your keyboard and mouse with the PS3. Although you might need a SixAxis controller for this to work.

what's required to achieve this? well here are the basics


  • ubuntu 10.10 Live CD (or any other debian-based Linux distro)
  • a sixaxis already used with the target PS3
  • a bluetooth dongle with a chip that can have its bdaddr (bluetooth device address) changed. Just perform the tutorial to discover if your dongle works.

this and a lot of hassle with the software (freeware) will help you achieve the goal of Keyboard and Mouse game play on the PS3! While the Linux version is out you're going to have to be patient for the Windows version.

You can go here for a complete guide on how to go from gamepad to Keyboard and mouse

NOTICE: I am only posting this guide for reference WCCF does not take responsibility for what this software does to your PS3 / PC use this at your own discretion

Source: DIY-Machine

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