Google Play Store is Now Downranking Poor Quality Apps In the Search Results

Zara Ali
Google Play Store

As we reported earlier, Google is updating its ranking algorithms for Play Store to keep a check on apps. The tech giant has put in new algorithms in action to analyse app quality and performance. For the users, this will be beneficial as the search results will now be ranking apps with stable performance on top.

Google has also advised developers to maintain the quality of their apps to steer away from penalization. According to Google, most of the poor app reviews are regarding the poor stability of the app. It includes the factors like slow speed, excessive battery usage, crashes, and other issues that annoy users while using the app.

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To encourage the developers for maintaining the quality of their apps and better the experience for users, Google has integrated app quality signals into the Play Store’s ranking algorithms for search results. As a result, higher quality apps are now appearing on top in the Play Store search results. Meanwhile, poor quality apps that are reported for frequent crashes are now being penalised by placing them on lower ranks in the search results.

In a blog post, Andrew Ahn, Product Manager for Google Play, writes:

As part of our continued effort to deliver the best possible Google Play experience, we recently enhanced our search and discovery algorithms to reflect app quality. This results in higher quality apps being surfaced in the Play Store more than similar apps of lower quality (eg: apps that exhibit more frequent crashes). The change has had a positive impact on engagement -- we've seen that people go on to use higher quality apps more and uninstall them less.

Using Android Vitals tools to know primary performance issue

Google reports that it could already see a positive influence of the new algorithm as the users "installing higher quality apps go on to use the apps more and uninstall them less.” The company is also encouraging app developers to make use of the new Android Vitals tools to identify crucial performance issues in their apps. Google is also suggesting developers that those “who focus on performance can see improvements in their rating, and ultimately their retention and monetization.”

With the new algorithm in place, we can now expect developers to pay more attention to their apps performance as this could deeply impact the ranking on the Play Store.

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