How to Play Nintendo DS Games on iOS 10 Without Jailbreak – How to

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Here's how you can download and install NDS4iOS & iNDS emulator on iPhone, iPad running iOS 10, iOS 10.1, iOS 10.1.1 to play Nintendo DS games. Jailbreak is not required at all in order to install aforementioned emulators.

Experience Classic Nintendo DS Games Right on Your iPhone & iPad Running iOS 10 - No Jailbreak is Required

Gaming has come a long way, there's no doubt in that at all. But regardless of what you play these days, including AAA titles with fancy graphics and such, there's nothing out there that can beat the fun and entertainment value of a classic game. Pick up any old gaming title right now and immediately you'll realize how simple things were back then. There were no 'Tap X to evade attack' moments, it was just pure gaming. And while we have seen modern developers get their hands dirty by trying to replicate classic gameplay, but sadly enough, there's no way a recent title will ever be able to beat the fun value of, let's say, a Nintendo DS game.

Speaking of which, the console made its big debut back in 2004 and has graced the status of a classic thanks to its age. This in turn means you have to grab yourself a console in order to relive those gaming memories once again. But sadly enough, sourcing one these days isn't a walk in the park. But thankfully, due to the hard work of certain developers and the community as a whole, you can experience Nintendo DS games on your iPhone or iPad right now, that too without jailbreaking. Furthermore, the games are run through emulation, which means you can get the whole thing up and running for free, without spending a single dime. Last but not the least, the emulator works on iOS 10, iOS 10.1 as well as the latest iOS 10.1.1 release meant for iPhone and iPad devices.

There are two emulators you can utilize in order to get things up and running. One is iNDS while the other one is NDS4iOS. Both are absolutely free, but the emulators themselves aren't available to download directly from App Store (for obvious reasons) therefore we have laid down complete steps below on how to download them right away.

The reason why I have included two emulators is simple: Apple keeps on revoking certificates for them, making installation impossible after a certain point. So, if one emulator does not work, you can always resort to the other. If both don't work, then you might want to wait it out until either one is ready for use. There is a possibility the emulators might not work by the time you read this, so please, if that happens, exercise some patience and try again later.

And yes, in case you're wondering, these emulators work on earlier version of iOS as well, such as iOS 9. So you do not have to worry about compatibility at all. Just worry about certifications, that's it.

Install NDS4iOS on iPhone & iPad

1. Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and visit the following link:

2. Tap on Apps at the top of the page, then scroll down and tap on NDS4iOS.

3. Tap on the Install button in order to kick things off. You'll be presented with a iOS pop-up asking you for confirmation, therefore tap Install when prompted for it.

4. Navigate to Settings > General > Profile and Trust the newly added profile.

5. Now connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac, launch iTunes, select your device from the top left hand corner. Under File Sharing, you'll see NDS4iOS appear as a dedicated app. Simply drag and drop Nintendo DS ROMs on it in order to play your favorite games.

Install iNDS on iPhone & iPad

1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Safari Web browser and visit the link.

2. Just like how you installed NDS4iOS, tap on Apps at the top of the page then tap on iNDS.

3. Tap on the Install button when you're presented with it. Also tap on Install button when iOS throws a pop-up at you.

4. Once the installation of the app is complete, head over to Settings > General > Profile and Trust the newly added profile.

5. Now simply download a ROM and upload it to your Dropbox account. You can link iNDS to it and kick things off in a fly.

Wrap Up

I absolutely cannot emphasize enough on the certificate thing right now. Once Apple has revoked them, the app will simply stop working, depending on which one you have installed. You will need to install the above emulator(s) again in order to get things up and running. So please, do not be surprised at all if installation simply fails over and over again. It's because Apple has hammered things down from its end.

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