Play as the Man-Bat in Batman Arkham Knight with this Awesome Mod

Heitor Fraga has released a new video for Batman Arkham Knight, showcasing  a new mod that allows players to play as any  character in the game, as well as to create their own. The video demonstrates Man-Bat, which players can play as using this mod.

This mod for Batman Arkham Knight allows players to play as any character in the game

So, this one is the BIGGEST mod ever done for the Arkhamverse. It’s literally the BIGGEST MOD EVER DONE. The one who REALLY means. It’s AWESOME. MESH-SWAPPING, allowing us to CREATE characters, mixing up all the meshes in game, players, NPCs and basically EVERYTHING. It’s came from the mind and work of Tchi6, THE guy. He’s also responsible for some other great “.ini” mods, like all the three consoles in Arkhamverse – Origins, City and Asylum. This video here showcase the mesh-swap that embed Batman with Man-Bat 3D models, what transform, obviously, Batman in Man-Bat. It’s awesome in a WHOLE new level. I just can’t even, man, seriously. Tchi6 is awesome. It’s possible to accomplish EVERYTHING with this mod!

You can download the mod here

This file has some folders inside, indicating “BAO” for Origins, “BAC” for City and “BAK” for Knight. Inside of those, you have other files. Copy “Console.txt”, or “Command.txt”, depending of which game are you modding, and then paste it in the “BINARIES” folder of your main-folder game (not “WIN 32” or “WIN 64”, just BINARIES). This file will set which meshes will be replaced in game. So you can activate that file, you need insert a KEYBIND into your “BMInput.ini” file, usually used to keybinds presets of Free-Roam, for example. Add the following line:

.Bindings=(Name="INSERTYOURKEYHERE&­quot;, Command="exec console.txt")

Of course, replace INSERTYOUKEYHERE for the key in fact. If the file copied is “Command.txt” instead of console, replace that term too. Inside the game, you need to SEE those meshes before activate it. You can do that on Character View – the trophies – or anywhere in game. Be sure to have seen it really close, from all angles, okay? That’ll help with eventful crashes. Then you press to start the game. IMMEDIATELY you press REPEATEDLY the key used for the command “exec console/command.txt”, pressing it repeatedly until the game loads completely, with your character, that will replace the current using all his animations and skills. So, for example, if you want Man-Bat to use Batman's skills, the character in use must be BATMAN when you perform the mod activation!

Always worth of remembering: back-up all your save-games and personal data!

Warner Bros. announced that the next patch for the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight will release this August. The update is said to improve overall performance and frame-rate hitches, and will enable support of frame-rates above 30FPS in the graphics settings menu.

Warner Bros. reports that they will provide more details over the coming weeks. They have recently listed the key areas that they are focusing on for improving performance:

  • Support for frame rates above 30FPS in the graphics settings menu
  • Fix for low resolution texture bug
  • Improve overall performance and framerate hitches
  • Add more options to the graphics settings menu
  • Improvements to hard drive streaming and hitches
  • Address full screen rendering bug on gaming laptops
  • Improvements to system memory and VRAM usage
  • NVIDIA SLI bug fixes
  • Enabling AMD Crossfire
  • NVIDIA and AMD updated drivers

Batman Arkham Knight is available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. We will bring you any new information as soon as it become available.

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