Play as Arnold’s T-800 Terminator in WWE 2K16

Jeff Williams

2K Games has just announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to be the model for the infamous Terminator in WWE 2K16. But not for everyone, only for those that pre-order.

Mot real in-game footage. Just Arnold being Arnold.

Get a chance to use Arnold Schwarzenegger in WWE 2K16 if you pre-order from major retailers.

You'll get the chance to play as two of his iconic T-800's, one from the original Terminator from 1984 as well as a character modeled after the 1991 representation of the menacing T-800. The unfortunate part is that this character is only available to those that pre-order from any retailer that accepts such pre-orders.

Being a pseudo-sports game, it's a safer bet to pre-order due to WWE 2K16 being similar to its predecessor with character and setting changes only. That and there should be some decent graphical updates too. Expect more veins and a slight increase in muscular density.

There are no actual screenshots of what it looks like in-game quite yet, though the above is a fantastic screenshot from a video that Arnold did with WWE stars, reenacting a rather famous Terminator 2 scene.

WWE 2K16 is coming this October on the 27th for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and of course on the Xbox One. If you're a fan of t his dramatic style of fighting, you might enjoy it. I have it on good authority that it's actually fun for a variety of reasons.

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