Pixelmator Photo is Finally Available for iPhone

Pixelmator Photo is Finally Available for iPhone

The Pixelmator Pro is perhaps best known on Mac; it is an image editor and graphics tool. However, the good thing is that the team behind the Pixelmator Pro has finally decided to launch the app for iPhone called the Pixelmator Photo.

Those using an iPhone can download the app, take a picture with your iPhone's camera, and immediately get started with the editing process using the Pixelmator Photo. The fun part is that there are more than 30 color adjustment tools for the photographers that you can use at any time.

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Pixelmator Photo Will Make it Easy to Edit Photos on iPhone

Pixelmator Photo is made to make the most common editing tasks a lot easier, and it brings key features from the Pixelmator app. It also relies on iCloud Photos to give you access to an underlying library with seamless cross-device sync. The integrated Share extension is also there, and it means that you can go straight from viewing a photo in the stock Photos app to editing it in Pixelmator Photo.

Additionally, if you have any more advanced tasks, you can point Pixelmator Photo at any folder in the Files app to view in the in-app library browser like you would with a connected USB drive.

One perfect thing about Pixelmator Photo is the adjustments applied to the images are non-destructive, which means that you can always rollback. You get options such as curve adjustments, color filters, and an automatic Repair tool to go ahead and remove unwanted objects from the scene.

The Pixelmator Photo also brings machine learning features, and you are getting access to intelligent ML Crop, ML Super Denoise, ML Super Resolution. Additionally, you can also set up complex workflows so you can apply a set of edits on multiple photos in a single go, which will allow you to quickly process all the photos with ease and on the go.

The app for iPhone is now available as a free update to the existing Pixelmator Photo listing on the App Store. This means that if you already got your hands on the iPad version, you can get it on the iPhone at no extra charge.

The app is sold as a one-time $7.99 purchase for new customers. You can find out more on the website.

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