Pixel 7 Series Offers the Latest Google Software, Free VPN, and a Lot More

Furqan Shahid
Pixel 7 Series Offers the Latest Google Software, Free VPN, and a Lot More

Google has finally unveiled the Pixel 7 series and just like always, both phones come with a lot more than just new hardware.

Both phones come with built-in VPN as well as crystal clear audio, but there is more. Google has talked about when building the new Tensor chip, the company focused on machine learning and all the uses of AI. This has allowed the company to enable features like Magic Eraser and a lot more.

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The Pixel 7 Series Offer a Lot of Software Benefits

Well, the new Tensor G2 comes back with new features. Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are capable of face unlock without using any special hardware. This will be done using the depth information that is available through the dual-pixel autofocus on the selfie camera. The software on the phones is able to make sure that it is looking at an actual face and not just a photo.

The Tensor G2 chip also lets the Pixel 7 series make phone calls sound a lot clearer than before. The chip works towards eliminating any background noise. This "Clear Calling" is a feature that will arrive sometime after the launch of the Pixel feature drop.

The Pixel 7 series is also looking to improve your digital and physical wellbeing. To ensure a good night's sleep, the Pixel 7 includes a suite of Digital Wellbeing tools that will reduce evening phone usage. Meanwhile, it also introduces optional Cough & Snore Detection to help you become more aware of what could be the cause behind your disrupted sleep.

That's not all, though. The Pixel 7 series comes come with free access to VPN service from Google One. You normally need to pay Google but if you are a Pixel 7 user, you get the chance to access it for free. However, the free VPN does not include the other benefits that come with Google One, you will still need a separate subscription. Additionally, Google has mentioned that the VPN is "coming soon," meaning that it is not going to be available right away after the launch.

Furthermore, both phones also come with a full set of software features such as a Call Screen, a new generation of Assistant, crash detection, Quick Phrases, Live transcribing, and more.

The new phones are now available for preorder and will start shipping on 13th October.

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