Pixel 4 Users Can Now Use the New Google Assistant With Three-Button Navigation Enabled


Google's eventual shift towards gesture-based navigation has been met with some resistance from old-time purists who still prefer the Back, Home, and Recents buttons. Thankfully, there is still an option to use it, but it has to be enabled via the Settings. The Google Pixel 4 —much like every Pixel device— released with a host of exclusive features such as the new Google Recorder app and a lighter version (and more powerful) version of the Google Assistant.

The latter, however, only worked with Android 10's new navigation gestures. The three-button interface flat out disappeared when the Assistant was invoked, much to the dismay of users who used it. The new Google Assistant will soon get back the three-button interface, according to a user on Reddit. Here's what it looks like:

How to Activate Google Assistant without Hey Google

Now, once you invoke the Assistant by holding down the center button, you'll see a four-color light bar at the bottom screen. The navigation buttons are now hidden by the overlay, but are fully functional and can be used to as usual. However, your query overlaps with the microphone icon. It isn't much of a hindrance and can be fixed easily by moving the microphone button up by a few pixels.

It'll be a while before the feature is available to everyone, primarily because the user in question was on a beta version of the Google app that bears version number Nothing else changes with the core Google Assistant functionality. Chances are, Google might even remove the function due to the navigation buttons interfering with the Assistant's UI elements. All things considered, it is a small change that not a lot of users will notice.

There are several other next-generation Google Assistant features that the company needs to address. For starters, it works only in English for G-Suite users. It is rather problematic, as a lot of people G-Suite accounts on their company phones, and the lack of support for additional languages can be frustrating.

News Source: 9to5google