Google Shipped a Pixel 2 XL Model Without Installing the OS on It


Even a company as big as Google can often make blunders but this is the first time we’re hearing of a smartphone that was shipped to a customer without even installing the operating system on it. One user has reported that a Pixel 2 XL was shipped to them without Android running on it.

Pixel 2 XL Owner Immediately Contacted for a New Device, Which Google Has Acknowledged

A Reddit user called MAKES_PEOPLE_MAD immediately told Google that upon contacting the company, the owner is going to be issued a new phone, but without so much as an apology. According to the Reddit thread, Google is not going to be offering any sort of compensation for shipping the Pixel 2 XL for not providing a unit with an OS running out of the box.

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“Contacted for a new device which I'm getting but they didnt offer me anything. The only thing I asked for was expedited shipping and they told me nope O_o”

For a company that is charging you $849 for the base model of a lineup that features no expandable storage and comes with a single-lens rear camera, Google is not doing a very good job in attempting to retain the customer.

While one member requested that MAKES_PEOPLE_MAD ask for lots of gift cards, his request would probably be denied immediately after he reported that Google would not even fulfill his request of expedited shipment.

While not installing an operating system on the Pixel 2 XL was most likely an isolated incident, what is not uncommon to users is the blue tint that forms on the larger phone.

Google has issued a statement saying that the display is supposed to behave like this, but it could smell trouble in the future.

As for this little incident, let us hope that Google puts more work in ensuring that its Pixel 2 XL comes running an OS before it ships out to the owner.

News Source: Imgur