Pimax 5K SUPER VR Headset Now Available; Reaches Up to 180Hz

Alessio Palumbo
Pimax 5K SUPER

The Pimax 5K SUPER Virtual Reality headset is now available from the company's official website, priced €699.

It is the first consumer VR headset capable of reaching up to 180Hz refresh rate in its experimental mode, while the standard mode is still set at the extremely high 160Hz. For comparison, the Valve Index can't go any further than 144Hz.

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The refresh rate is extremely important for a Virtual Reality headset as it minimizes the dreaded ghosting issues. However, it should be noted that the Pimax 5K SUPER won't be able to use its full extra-wide Field of View (up to 200°) when set to 160Hz refresh rate or higher due to bandwidth limitations. In these cases, the maximum Field of View will be 170° (diagonally). That's still more than any other competitor, anyway.

The resolution on the Pimax 5K SUPER is 2560x1440 on each lens and there is a physical IPD (interpupillary distance) slider that allows you to customize this crucial setting according to your eyes' distance. The range is 55mm to 75mm, which should really encompass almost the entirety of the human population.

Here's what else is in the Pimax 5K SUPER package.

Includes: NEW Modular Audio Strap (MAS) that allows much greater comfort and ease of use. Use your VR headset for hours.
Includes: Pimax comfort kit face cowling which includes a wide, soft facial foam that feels great.
Includes: The Pimax nose guard that prevents light leakage around your nose area.
Includes: The Pimax ruggedized housing system that is resistant to bumps and scrapes.
Includes: The Pimax VR Experience software that dramatically enhances the ease of setting up and launching VR software.

As a reminder, you also have to have SteamVR compatible controllers and lighthouse tracking stations in order to operate the headset. Those are available for purchase through the Pimax website, though of course, you can get them from other places as well, including Valve's own Steam store. Additional accessories compatible with the Pimax 5K SUPER and other recent Pimax headsets (Artisan/5K Plus/5K XR/8K/8K Plus/8KX) include the eye-tracking and hand-tracking modules. The former costs €199, the latter €147 (but the store page mentions shipping times of six to eight weeks).

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