Another picture of Galaxy S III leaked; May 22nd launch date rumored

Ammar Malik
Apr 5, 2012

The day has just begun and already we have our Galaxy S III rumor of the day. What you read yesterday was regarding the screen Galaxy S III will come with, which we’ve already established is a Super AMOLED + HD, and that the phone might have entered carrier testing in Korea. However what we have today looks a little more concrete than the random rumors we’ve been seeing lately.

The picture above looks as if it has been taken from a press release (which is not available yet). From what we can see in the picture is the bottom half (or maybe the top?) of the phone. It looks like it’s made out of some form of metal, it definitely does not look like plastic. It looks quite sleek with the display seamlessly blending into that metal body. Also, that big date clearly mentioned. May 22nd. So is that the day we finally put an end to all these rumors? If it is then we have about a month and a half more of rumors left.