PhoneSheriff allows you to track the ins and outs of your kids lives

The world is a dangerous place, no one can deny that. This is why every year different companies invest millions of dollars into making their software safe for children by blocking certain content, or by giving their parents privileges to block or track the content their children view as they see fit. This is what PhoneSheriff for iOs, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry aims to provide. The list of features is long and pretty damning:

  • Calls and SMS Filtering by Phone Number so your child never calls the local drug dealer again
  • SMS Keyword Alerts so parents can be notified if their child sends or receives an SMS containing a keyword of their choice. For example if he/she writes an SMS saying my parents are total control freaks, and 'freak' is a keyword then rest assured there will be consequences.
  • Create Time Restrictions - You can automatically lock the phone whenever you feel the rest of the features don't seem to be doing the trick
  • SMS, Call, URL, Website and GPS Monitoring - See who he/she calls, writes messages to, what the messages contain and the exact location of where he/she has been. It's like your child never left your sight.
  • Contact and Photo Logging - View each contact added and photo taken
  • Remote Locking and Tracking - Pretty self explanatory
  • Access Activity from Anywhere - Login through your web browser and literally browse through his/her phone
  • Wipe Personal Data - Your child will never know what hit him

I think they got the marketing wrong for this software. To me its suited more towards escaped felons or criminally insane criminals on probation who also happen to know how to use a cellphone. Because in that situation it makes sense to literally control their lives. Why you would want to subject your child to such blatant invasion of privacy is beyond me. There are control freak parents out there and this is just what they would need. I just pity the poor kids.

Even as an employer I seriously believe somewhere down the line your employee will have a legal case against you for privacy invasion.

Source: PhoneSheriff

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